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Like all New Zealand National Science Fiction Conventions, Conjunction is a non profit event. Any proceeds from the convention will be donated to our chosen charity, Epilepsy NZ, and SFFANZ, the national science fiction association.

Epilepsy NZ

Epilepsy is the most common neurological condition but, because of its nature, is one of the least recognised and accepted. The condition still carries with it stigma, misunderstanding and discrimination for the people who live with it. Epilepsy can affect anyone at any time and any age - it knows no barriers. Currently, between 1% and 2% of New Zealand's population are living with epilepsy.

The challenges facing people with epilepsy are many, and vary according to the severity and frequency of seizures, and their effects on the individual's lifestyle. Approximately 80% of people with epilepsy are able to live a full and active life with appropriate medication. Epilepsy New Zealand is the only agency in New Zealand dedicated to supporting people with epilepsy.

For further information, view a PDF format Fact Sheet from Epilepsy NZ (download a pdf viewer), or visit their web site.


SFFANZ is a national body independent from, but working with, other science fiction and fantasy clubs and organisations around the country. As such, it hopes to be a major part of the structure of New Zealand fandom, enhancing liaisons between existing fan groups, providing support for events which transcend normal club structures (such as the annual national convention), and providing a national voice for fandom.

SFFANZ contributes to the promotion of science fiction, fantasy, and fandom in New Zealand by encouraging communication between fan groups, encouraging the creation of new fan groups, providing a contact point for media, and increasing public awareness of local fan groups and activities. SFFANZ also organises the national science fiction and fantasy awards, the Sir Julius Vogel awards.