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The draft Timetable for Conjunction is up now! It is subject to change, but should give a pretty good idea of what's happening at the con.

Some of the events taking place at the con include:

  • Live Action Roleplaying - limited numbers!

  • The Banquet.

  • Writers' Workshops with Elizabeth Moon and Kate Orman.

  • The Auction - get in touch if you've got anything interesting to sell or donate.

  • Wildlife Sanctuary Tour with Elizabeth Moon - book now, numbers are strictly limited!

  • Costume Party.

  • The Floating Market - Buy and sell new or used SF merchandise of all kinds. Books, toys, games, DVDs, videos, comics, or anything else! If you have stuff to sell, contact us to book a table - $2 for convention attendees, $20 for anyone else. This event is open to the general public.

  • Kaffeeklatsches - small get-togethers over coffee (or alcohol) to allow guests and fans a chance to chat in a more informal setting than a panel discussion, popular at Worldcons. All kaffeeklatsches are available on an advance sign-up basis only.

  • Filking - The fannish equivalent of a campfire sing-along, often running late in to the night. While filk songs often have a familiar tune, the lyrics are given a unique SF theme - think Weird Al Yankovic. Filking isn't a formal programme item, but filkers will find a suitable place to congregate some time in the evening.

  • Business Session - The Annual General Meeting for SFFANZ, followed by bids for the 2010 NatCon title. The Business Session may be observed by any member of the convention, and all convention members are entitled to vote on the 2010 NatCon, but only SFFANZ members can vote on SFFANZ business.