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Conjunction ran a number of competitions to keep people busy in the leadup to the con. Entries are now closed; winners will be announced at the convention.

Writing Competitions

Drabble: a story of 100 words exactly (not including the title) - a twist on an icon of SF/F.
Short Story: an original piece of fiction of 1000-3000 words, either beginning with "They said that the conjunction would be the end of the world as we knew it", or otherwise featuring a conjunction.
Filk Song: rewrite the lyrics of a song to give it an SF/F theme (think Weird Al Yankovic). Please send us the original lyrics as well, just in case we don't know the song. Bonus points will be awarded for singing it at the con.

Video Competitions

Music Video: create a music video to an existing or original song, from TV or movie clips, or original footage. An example with images well synched to the music and a song that's an excellent match for the story.
Original Short Film: a story, skit, or documentary no more than 1 hour in length.

Art Show

Hand: traditional paintings, sketches, and other 2D works created entirely by hand.
Computer: works created on a computer with any software. Please provide a printed copy of the work, not computer files. Include a list of programs used to create the work and any source material not created by you (eg photos, 3D models).
Photography: photos with an SFF theme. You may use a digital or a film camera, but digital photos may not be selectively altered.
3D: sculpture or models. May be replicas or original designs. Please note if a kitset was used.

Costume Party

The big event on Saturday night. Prizes will be awarded for Best Male, Best Female, and Judges' Choice. Bought, borrowed, or hired costumes are welcome, but if you make you own for the event, let us know at registration.