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Live-Action Roleplaying

For the Honour Of the Family

You are a member of a powerful and wealthy Family in Wallachia in 1826, a small country near Roumania. Wallachia is currently under the control of Turkey and most of the Family think that it's time for this to end. What differs is how you think this should be handled and how it will affect the Family fortunes.

The Head of the Family, Duna Cantacuzino, has just died. By the time the next new moon leaves the dusk horizon, a new Head of the House must be selected. Time is running short and the Family within travelling distance are gathered together to select the new Head of House. However, as in any large and powerful Family, there are different factions and the future of the Cantacuzinos will depend on the decision made this night.

Live-Action Roleplaying (or LARPing) is a kind of cross between tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons, and improvisational theatre. Instead of just describing your character's actions, you actually act out the events of the game. LARPing tends to be much more about collaborative storytelling and character interaction than combat and rolling dice. Dressing up in appropriate costume (in this case, 1820s Eastern European) is encouraged and adds to the experience, but it's not compulsory. Players are given a character sheet that provides important information about their character's backstory, goals, and personality, as well as a list of their relationships to other characters in the game (and any useful information they have on them). For the duration of the game (about three hours for this one) the players then act as their characters would.

Numbers are strictly limited, and it's useful to get to know your character in advance, so if you'd like to play, please fill in the form below. Suitable costume is appreciated, even if it's not strictly accurate to the period. You could try one of these companies, if you don't have anything to wear: The Costume Company, Totally Frocked, or The Costume Cave. The game will begin at around 8pm on the Friday night, after the convention opening ceremony.

Sign up for the LARP at the registration desk, before the Opening Ceremony.