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Elizabeth Moon - Literary GoH

Born in 1945, Elizabeth Moon lives in McAllen, Texas, just 8 miles from Mexico. She grew up as a single child but does have 5 half sisters. Elizabeth has a BA in history from Rice University where she first met her husband; she also has a BA in Biology from the University of Texas-Austin and grad work in Biology from San Antonio.

Before she became a published author she held many positions both paid and volunteer. Elizabeth Join the USMC in 1968 working manly with computers, she achieved the rank of 1st lieutenant. She has also been a volunteer EMS, sat on city councils and library boards; she has also been president of the Chamber of Commerce, and sings in her church choir. Elizabeth Moon

Elizabeth began writing at a young age, and first ventured in to science fiction while still in high school. But it wasn't till her mid 30's that she began to make a living from writing, initially with a column in a county weekly. Her first fiction sale was "Bargains", which appeared in Marion Zimmer Bradley's "Sword and Sorceress III", and "ABCs in Zero G" in "Analog". Her first novel was "Sheepfarmer's Daughter", book 1 in "the Deed of Paksenarrion" trilogy, which won her the Compton Crook award in 1989. Elizabeth was nominated for a Hugo in 1997 for best novel with "Remnant Population", and in 2003 her book "Speed of Dark" (in which the main character was an autistic computer programmer) was nominated for the Arthur C. Clark award and won the Nebula for best novel.

She currently lives with her husband and son in McAllen, Texas, where they are setting up a wildlife management project to help support the local wildlife in their area.


The Deed of Paksenarrion

  • Sheepfarmers Daughter (1988)
  • Divided Allegiance (1988)
  • Oath of Gold (1988)
  • The Deed of Paksenarrion (1992) - Omnibus edition

The Legacy of Gird

  • Surrender None (1992)
  • Liar's Oath (1992)
  • The Legacy of Gird (1996) - Omnibus edition

Familias Regnant Universe

  • Heris Serrano Trilogy
    • Hunting Party (1993)
    • Sporting Chance (1994)
    • Winning Colours (1995)
    • Heris Serrano (2002) - Omnibus edition

  • Esmay Suiza Trilogy
    • Once a Hero (1995)
    • Rules of Engagement (1998)
    • Change of Command (1999)

  • Against the Odds (2000)

Vatta's War

  • Trading in Danger (2003)
  • Marque and Reprisal (2004) - (UK Title - Moving Target)
  • Engaging the Enemy (2006)

Planet Pirates - with Anne McCaffery

  • Sassinak (1990)
  • Generation Warriors (1991)
  • Planet Pirates (1993) - Omnibus edition, also with Jody Lynn Nye

Other Works

  • Remnant Population (1996)
  • The Speed of Dark (2002)
  • Lunar Activity (1990) -Collection
  • Phases (1997) - Collection

Information about Elizabeth Moon taken from Wikipedia and her offical site